Lebanon has a long and proud history of entrepreneurship. Sadly, most of us don’t have the same opportunities that others our age had – and that was just one year ago. Our beautiful country has taken a tremendous hit—from economics all the way to the health crisis, we need to go the extra mile if we want to succeed and leave a mark on Lebanon.

That’s why we created E-Club – Lebanon’s first FREE club for young, ambitious minds!

E-Club is a free 8 session-long program to help you develop your core skills and get you in the right mindset to become a successful entrepreneur. You’ll work alongside other students as well as mentors and teachers to come up with a profitable idea and eventually create a business plan.
Each session is created to get you ready for the working world and to reach your full potential.


When you join E-Club, you’re joining Lebanon’s next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders.
Learn what it takes to become a modern business owner! We’ll teach you the exact mindset that will help you hit your goals and make you feel proud of yourself every step of the way
Prepare you for the working world and teach you the specific skills you need in order to succeed
Show you how to communicate with others in a professional way (networking) so you can open yourself up to more opportunities
Help you develop your talents and skills in a fun and encouraging environment
Crucial learning skills that will help you succeed in both the entrepreneurial world and in school

How to get involved

Are you ready to be a part of Lebanon’s next generation of entrepreneurs?
Joining E-Club is easy! You don’t need to already have a million-dollar idea or a business plan—all you need is motivation and a willingness to learn.

1- Register for FREE

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2- Attend a total of 8 action-packed sessions, where you’ll learn everything you need to get started in the business world (we’ll even teach you how to create a business plan and pitch it!)

3- After you’ve completed all 8 sessions, it’s time to submit your business idea, along with a video outline

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4- Win valuable prizes! Such as laptops, smartphones, airbuds, internships and many others.


Class Schedule

Registration for E-Club closes on
20th January 2022

Join E-Club today and become a part of Lebanon’s next generation of entrepreneurs.
Your country needs you now more than ever.



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Business Plan

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Business Plan

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Pitching Skills

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Pitching Skills


Students - What Are You Waiting For?

E-Club is open to all high school students in Lebanon. All we ask is that you join us with an open mind, a positive attitude, and an eagerness to grow.

Apply to compete here

Business Leaders & Teachers - We Need You!

You can register to become an E-Club mentor and help us inspire and teach the next generation of entrepreneurs.
During the eight sessions, there will be plenty of opportunities to share your experience and knowledge with ambitious students eager to learn.

Meet the faces making E-Club happen!


Nicolas (Nico to friends) is a high school student in Beirut with big goals. When he’s not at school studying his favourite subjects Maths and Science, Nicolas is all about the great outdoors—wakeboarding, tennis, skiing, you name it. Plans for the future? Nicolas is set on becoming the owner of a successful startup. He co-created the Entrepreneurs Club to help his peers achieve the same.


In his 11th grade at College Louise Wegmann, Jeffrey has an entrepreneur’s spirit and is determined to be a part of Lebanon’s next generation of leaders. Jeffrey’s learning how to code, and when he has the time, loves playing soccer with friends.


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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Yes the E-club is totally free

Any high school student in Lebanon who is in grade 10th , 11th, or 12th

You do not need a business idea to enroll in the E-club

Yes! you can register and we’ll assign you to a team at day 1

Anybody who wants to join the e-club, you can join through this link. The registration deadline is 13th January .

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